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 Theses and dissertations - enquire about the different levels of service: just grammar, punctuation, spelling and conventional wording; ensure the formatting is to house style; fully automate the headings, subheadings and captions; and cross-check your citations against the reference list, making all entries consistently displayed.

Journal administration - working to in APA or house style specifications, for just a single special issue or to keep the flow going throughout a series. of issues. Diagrams and figures can be redrawn to meet publisher requirements, if necessary.

Books and articles - I ensure that the typescript abides by the guidelines, saving time at a later stage. Edited volumes are methodically checked and author liaison managed politely, efficiently and to schedule. Standard pdf markup for publishers' proofs, or track changes in Word, as required. Please note, Latex files are not accepted.

ISP work - experience in adhering to tight regulations and confidentiality for organisational quality control or inspection.