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Dyslexics a speciality!


I have received my document back and it has red lines on every page. How do I get rid of them?

This is the Microsoft Word 'Track Changes' facility: the red shows the changes that I am proposing to make in your text. You need to either 'Accept' or 'Reject' each one. If you Reject them all, your work is just as you sent it to me. It is your responsibility to work through proposed changes methodically, bearing in mind that some proposed changes will have been made to be consistent rather than because there was an actual mistake.

You can opt to see just Insertions/Deletions, rather than changes made to the Formatting, to keep a clear head. Bear in mind that you can highlight a paragraph at a time to 'Accept' or 'Reject' - this may speed things up. Ask if you need an Information Sheet on Track Changes.

You said that there were Comments in the text - what do you mean?

In a long document, I may have found it useful to ask a question against a specific phrase rather than to send you a message by email . You will first need to spot any Comments in the text, so make sure that you are currently viewing the text via 'Show Markup'. Again, you can opt to see just Comments, rather than all changes, and this will help you to identify any queries about points in the text, so that you can consider them properly and perhaps rephrase that bit.

I'm a mathematician. Do you accept documents entirely in Latex format?

Unfortunately, typescripts in Latex format cannot be worked on at Burgess Pre-Publishing without prior agreement. This is because there's less chance to make the work present well.